4 nights brimful of contemporary art by Norwegian and internationally renowned performers within music, visual art and dance/performance. A social form of art, created by intimate concerts, interactive art, performances and installations. The hot spot between performances, for both audience and artists will be the café. These artistic nib-bits are being served to you by art curator Mariane Cosserat and scenographer Hege Pålsrud. Educated respectively in directing and scenography, they are using their skills together with Ludo Engels, technical director, to propose different ways to experience art.

4x4 is a concept of Mariane Cosserat, co-produced by !Voilà and Hege Pålsrud with the collaboration of Tromsø Kunstforening and Rådstua Teaterhus.

Curator: Mariane Cosserat
Scenographer: Hege Pålsrud
Technical director: Ludo Engels
Production team: Yngvild Andreassen, Ørjan Kallinin, Hanne Stien Hammer
Technical team: Matthew Paul Forrest, Andries Fluit, Siri Therese Thuen
Bartender and chef: Domenico Giustino

Skytsengler ved Dramalinja på Kongsbakken V.G.S. for providing the guardian angels

Norsk Kulturråd
Tromsø Kommune
Fond for Lyd og Bilde
Nordnorsk Kulturråd
Troms Fylkeskommune